The Roof of the Eastern Ave Shaws just went, also no commuter rail

The roof of the Eastern Ave Shaws apparently just partially collapsed. Reports at this time say no one was hurt.

Also the Commuter Rail has suspended service on our line (Newburyport/Rockport) so they can continue with snow removal.

Hat tip to the Gloucester Daily Times for reporting on actual essential news rather than Mardi Gras pizza recipes in the midst of a declared emergency.


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  1. Where can I get confirmation that Tues. will have no commuter rail service on the Rockport/Newburyport line? It doesn’t say that on!

    • I have inside scoop that they aren’t going to tell commuter rail folks anything definitive. The feeble alerts of delays and limited service are about all you can expect. I was advised privately by 2 conductor friends to find alternate transport to Boston this week. There are a lot of broken engines and clearly the weather is making things worse. Normally there are 4 trains in Rockport overnite, last night they only had 2. So right off the bat it means 2 of the morning trains are cancelled completely but it’s a guessing game as to which ones. Also trains that do run will make all stops and will be over crowded. It’s rough but try not to get train rage, we are all in this together. And a huge THANK YOU to the crews out there serving us. It’s not the engineers or conductors who are to blame. It’s upper management for failing to upgrade the infrastructure and not being truly forthcoming about service issues.

      • I don’t think we should hang the blame on “upper management”. Talk to your state legislators. What we’re seeing now is just a more extreme example of the consequences of our broad bi-partisan lack of political will when it comes to transportation in general, and public transportation in particular.

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