It had been Tuesday all week. It was Tuesday again. Gloucester Update

Ok, here is The Clam trying to be actually useful again. We apologize for this, but it’s effing crazy out there and I thought I’d give a little report from my way into work here at Clamedia Tower on Main Street.

1. The roads are not great. You can’t see shit. Almost nothing is down to pavement especially not side roads. When I passed at 8:45 they were working on widening Bass Ave from Sayward down toward the Stop and Shop plaza.

2. They are clearing some of the roofs on the North side of Main, above G333k, Dogtown Books and The Franklin. Dudes are up there literally with hammers chipping shit away. It’s insane.

using OSHA certified safety systems, no doubt

3. There is no parking. It’s goddamed nuts. I had to park at the train station and pay four bucks, then walk back down to Main. Even the holy covenant between Abraham and Yahweh securing the right to parking downtown for the chosen people was dashed as I found out the Temple had a contractor coming to remove the snow.

4. Sidewalks are better but still not great, especially once you get out of downtown. I had to literally walk in Washington street to get down from the train station.

Banks are taller than me

Banks are taller than me


Long and short, it’s going to take at least a week to clean this shit up and I’m also hearing folks pipes starting to freeze and sprinklers going off. One assumes as more people try and get back to work today after Washington’s Birthday there will be more problem discovered. People are wearing thin, a bobcat driver threatened a friend of mine last night.

It’s never the emergency, it’s the aftermath. Keep strong people.


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  1. FYI Main Street has been cleared for parking and walking and driving at least from Gortons to the Police Station. Flock to Common Crow! Our roof is solid and you can park!

  2. Oh….so we can’t park on Common Crow’s roof, then?

  3. Hey Jim. I sense some whining coming from you about the snow. I thought that was KT’s job. Huh, threatened by a bobcat driver, if he got threatened by actual bobcats that would be newsworthy. Those pussies can be viscous.

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