Humans of Gloucester




This lovely Human of Gloucester was working in Pleasant Street Coffee & Tea. She helped the (confused and bleary eyed at 8 am) author choose a morning drink. It was a perfect choice by the way, I recommend just going in and letting her choose for you. Spin the Roulette Wheel of caffeine and see where you land.

Clam: “What is a thing that you love about Gloucester?”

Human: “The Ocean, and the sense of community.”

Clam: “What do you think is a thing that Gloucester needs to improve?”

Human: “Oh my gosh….raise our taxes…and change the population around a little.”

Clam “Tell me a little something about yourself?”

Human: “I’m just living the life. Raising my kids, trying to find some fun time in the world”

We all are, lovely human.

(Thanks Alison Varga!)

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