The Gloucester Clam’s Beach Awards

The kids are back in school, the tourists are noticeably fewer, and it’s the end of beachgoing season, almost. While we mourn another amazing summer on our island, we figured we’d have a little awards ceremony for our beaches. So many are worthy!

The Gloucester Clam’s 2014 Beach Awards Winners Are:

Best beach for cutting your feet: Plum Cove


Best beach for picking up a used syringe: Half Moon


Best beach for the faint smell of raw sewage: Pavilion


Best beach for after hour man pick-ups: Annisquam Light


Best beach for watching a family of assholes surreptitiously leave their litter behind: Good Harbor


Best beach for occasional rancid whale parts: Long Beach


Best beach for seeing soiled diapers: Niles


Best beach for experiencing that rotten dead fish smell: Braces


Best beach for having someone expose themselves in public: Wingaersheek

Best beach for almost getting run over by some asshole on a speedboat on your way there: Ten Pound Island.

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