A List of Possible Names For Future Gloucester Strip Clubs

by: The Clamtributors 

The GloHo

The Widow’s Peek

The Ho’s Nest

Gulls Gulls Gulls

Hot Tuna

The Golden Sea Cucumber

The Crab Trap

Pleasant Street T&A Company

 The Happy Taco (Ed note: We are informed this already exists)

The Titz Hugh Lane House [edit: reader Rob Parsons

came up with this and we felt it was too good to pass up.]

And lest you think we could overlook the lucrative male stripper industry, we have:

The All-Buoy Review


The Greasy Pole (obviously)

The Maple Wood



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  1. Expansion has always been part of the big picture, might just incorporate dodgy curries to boot.

  2. There was a strip club that was called Sugar Magnolia which only played Grateful Dead music. (Googlefoo for the win.) Maybe that would work but the concept needs fine tuning. The club only lasted 24 hours because 28 minute lap dances caused an assortment of problems.

  3. The wonders of googlefoo. Take a name from gloucester, add strip club and google it. Amazing how many strip clubs are named after local venues.

    Captain Joe’s Pirate Cove Strip Club etc

  4. “The Beauport-HoPort”. Also thinking “Nonni’s, by the Sea” would work too, uh, never mind that’s taken.

  5. The (Gloucester) Clam Strips.

  6. The Irreverent Moons. The Tideline. The Perfect Form (I think someone should open a gym or fitness center in Gloucester just to name it this).

  7. Craig Kimberley

    I’ll pitch in on some good names for a strip joint:
    Smell the Ocean…..Cod Piece….Cod Peace (yep)…She Shell…..Ocean Spray….Low Tide….Fisherman’s…..Whale Watch (wait for it)… Beautiful Industry……Thar She Blow…..Catch & Release…..High Tide….Smoked Fish (older crowd)…..The Live Well…..Sumpin Fishy….The Clam…The Gloucester Clam…..Ok, I’ll stop

  8. Coastal-
    The Naughtilass
    See Chest
    The Pull Down
    The Hard Drive
    Warm Boots
    Cache Memories
    Older tech-
    The Mother Bored
    Tiffs and Apps
    The Blue Footed Booby

    stop me, he exclammed!

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