Look what you made us do

We have resisted blogging about Gloucester for a couple of reasons. First, Gloucester was previously┬ácovered by an actual newspaper, the Gloucester Daily Times [paywall. Seriously!] Sadly, the GDT has suffered in quality of late. Oh, let’s not sugar coat it, they are awful. Like ‘painful groin rash’ wretched. In our opinion Gloucester essentially has no functioning newspaper now, and certainly not one with a useful online presence. This means a lot of Gloucester viewpoints are not being heard.

It stinks from the head

It stinks from the head

Cape Ann Online has great discussions along with a bunch of trolling. It’s a great forum for short-form stuff. But it’s forum-style.

Of course Joey Ciaramitaro runs a pretty boss blog Good Morning Gloucester. He covers events, food, art, the highly clickworthy winter bikini volleyball beat and now even weather and waterfront. The man has heat, but he’s crystal clear about one thing: He does not want to cover anything that could remotely be considered “political”. This is his right and his is blog is just that. It’s great the way it is and he wants to keep it that way.

GMG is like a really good party, and you don't talk politics at a party. Especially in a cape.

GMG is like a really good party, and you don’t talk politics at a party. Especially in a cape.

We ourselves would rather blog about bikes or hipsters or androids, but for some reason people keep frigging insisting we discuss local politics with them. This is how bad it’s gotten, folks are so desperate for factual information about things like the Fuller School that in the fall we had to take time off of being funny on Facebook to send around the actual architects’ report that The Times never got around to summarizing or even like, reading, apparently. We did not like this. Not at all.

So desperate times call for desperate means and thus you all are now are so information deprived you’ll turn to a news source that isn’t afraid to use the term ‘fucktacular’ to describe a particularly good sandwich. So in between some good-ole-fashioned tomfooolery, we’re going to talk about actual issues from our perspective.

Hey, you asked for it.

We’re going to try and cover some of the stuff that’s being ignored and report on the Gloucester we see in all its glory and its idiocy. We’re going to try, in our own style, to summarize a few of the issues. We’re going to give our take to the best of our ability and also hit the fun and wacky side of Gloucester as well. We’re not journalists, we’re bloggers, whatever that means.

Drink up, people. It’s going to be a fun ride.


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