Nolan Don’t Vote

We’ll be returning later today to more of “Guest Blogger Stephen Voltz v. Kathryn Goodick For Ward 4,” Part II, “Battle of the Emails.” We know you can’t wait.

But in other Gloucester election news (non-Gloucesterites, picture the town of Pawnee from the show Parks and Recreation, but near the water and yellier) Ward 5 candidate for city council Sean Nolan apparently didn’t vote in municipal elections in 2009, 2011 and 2013. Our source (because we are the effing Washington Post now or something) checked with the City Clerk’s office.

We’re recommending the campaign slogan: “Vote for Sean Nolan the way he doesn’t.”

Later, Clamigos.

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  1. He voted as often as I did, then….

  2. He also wants to audit Essex Tech to see where all the money goes and leave I4 C2 as a parking lot.

  3. I like I4C2 just the way it is. I like to look out across the ocean and think of my older models steaming over to the land of freedom and cheap gas.

  4. Clam, as a former candidate for Ward 1, I got a spreadsheet from the City of EVERYONE who voted in the last election cycle. I can share with The Clam if you would like.
    I would note that:
    a) Everett Brown did not vote.
    b) Joe Ciolino – and At Large Candidate on the ballot – did not vote and LOST. And yet, his campaign signs ask to “Re-Elect” him, but we was not elected to the City Council. He was appointed when Sefatia became Interim Mayor because he had the next most votes.

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