Clam Vacation Time!

It’s the summer, our kids are out of school, and we have a huge project looming that will make us hopefully look badass. We got projects within projects so we can work while we work. Xzibit would be proud.

Also Jim went to Ithaca for Fourth of July.

So we’re going to be on a mad light posting schedule until further notice, yo. Maybe we’ll knock out a list of 4th of July drinks that will make you vomit off your balcony. Or not.

Here’s a terrible comic to cheer you up.




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  1. That was pretty bad . . . but at least it wasn’t medical students in “wet” lab.

  2. Rebecca Borden

    Missed seeing The Clam in this year’s Horribles Parade. I looked for you!
    May I gently remind you of your call to action a year ago? I rose to the challenge and made the commitment to walk for Ace and help design their float.

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