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First on today’s agenda: Police Chief Campanello’s opiod addiction program that began 6/1 saw its first participant, who came in at 3 AM Tuesday morning for help. And the “angel” assigned to stay with him until he could find a spot in a rehab program was one of our awesome readers and my coworker at Ocean Alliance, George Hackford! Heck yeah! George is amazing for doing this, plus when you’re going through this ordeal, who wouldn’t want a patient, polite British man to make conversation with? GO GEORGE!

Also, I’m gonna make this a short post tonight (maaybe because I was up late last night to go see Weird Al Yankovic don’t you judge me), but here’s the burning question your The Clam has:

What kind of float should we do for the Horribles Parade? We want your input. Because it has to happen and there are no excuses to not participate like we mean it. Jim keeps going on about a float being pulled by well-oiled loinclothed slaves, so please come up with a better idea than that.

our budget is sadly too low for this.

our budget is sadly too low for this.

I’m all ears.

No loincloths.


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  1. Its good to live in a place where folks will step up when someone is in need! Really hope that this program works.

  2. Ms Manners Eschewes Misanthropes

    Can you do Boticelli’s Venus (known as Venus on the half shell) out of dog shit bags, nip bottles and sand? That would bring some serious class to the float.

  3. Babson Boulders 2015 edition

  4. dorothyzbornakssholderpads

    Goat masks are a must.

  5. Combining the above: A life sized custom Babson boulder inscribed: “DON’T LITTER”, festooned and surrounded with bags of dogshit, dogs and owners included as float riders.

  6. I think the obvious answer to the float question is a Delta House Deathmobile.

  7. Kudos to Police Chief Campanello and the opiod addiction program.

    Gigantic and hugely animated fist pumps to Mr. Hackleford for stepping up!

    Zombies and vampires are all the rage. Can vampirize or zombify a Fisherman’s Memorial theme?

  8. Bring Artie T. to town, a rally/celebration float for the common folk. The Clam got its biggest boost from that whole story and KT’s excellent write-up.

  9. Giant clamshell of course, which opens up to a goat flinging hypodermic needles and crunched up Dunkin’s bags. I guess there will have to be a cleanup crew, sigh. Jim with his flute and parade of rats eating up the detritus?

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