More Google Search Terms That Led People Here

Despite the vast majority of encrypted search terms that lead people to our little corner of yon Internet, we still get some unencrypted doozies. While I had to filter out the most vile (a lot of Rule 34 was going on), there is still some truly wonderous search phrases that led someone, someone on the internet to click on our page. Like, you know, the following, which are all 100% unedited and are real search terms:

aliens in gloucester ma

pants you can take to mars

yoga training hoth fuck

why do the clams smell like horse poop

cody fucking shackleton asshole [is this a person? an insult? both? ]

foot worship in gloucester

clam are schools in alabama

it’s okay to talk to a strange man or woman

my resolousion since the 7 of you asket

how to get drone out of a tree [we get so many of these]

the people of version dog shit

we hate this now

states that blowjobs are illegal

where does the dog poop on hot tuna

is football fans are stupid

what’s the use of the magnetic device built into the crotch of men’s boxer briefs and pants

pantsshitter mcgee

case of fireball nips

how to make a clam mascot

mayoral beachwear 2014


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  1. Before I realized ‘Hot Tuna’ was a boat and not the band, I was weeping with laughter. Thanks so much.

  2. I thought it was the band also. Mental image of Jorma covered in dog doo is hard to shake.

  3. Pantshitter McGee FTW!

  4. HOW DID YOU GET MY BROWSING HISTORY?!?! This wouldn’t happen in Canada.

  5. Oh, I have no words for this…or perhaps I do – stupid is as stupid does.

    I fear for this country.

  6. pantshitter mcgee

    Suddenly I need the answer to all those questions. Slash searches.

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