Introducing “Fuck It Mondays”

I had a conversation with Jim earlier this week during a Clam-related meeting about content and posting schedule. “James!” I lamented, “It appears my input here at the Gloucester Clam (TM) has led to a job writing blog posts and managing social media part time. As that will actually be paying me, and your clientele is also picking up, what shall we do? Six days of blog posts is a lot for the two of us to tackle!” So we came up with “Fuck It Mondays.”

The premise of Fuck It Mondays is this: We see a lot of ridiculous stuff on Facebook and Twitter all week long. Why are we not aggregating the best of it into a blog post and sharing it with you? I’m not talking a direct “ten puppies you won’t believe have no toes!” list, but you know, shit that’s hilarious.

So here we are. Brooke, Jim and myself will team up to bring you some of the best shit we saw all week. You’re welcome.

This video is old as garlic balls, apparently, but here on Island of Moms Who Don’t Leave Gloucester, we have just found it (thanks Amanda Cook).










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