And the Crappiest Intersection in Gloucester goes to…


Well, we’ve finally made it. We started with 16 of the crappiest intersections in town, and eliminated all but the Absolute Crappiest. Our final contestants were Flannagan Square and Maplewood/Railroad/Prospect, and the votes are in: Maplewood/Railroad/Prospect took it by a runaway margin!

Let’s face it: it was pretty clear to begin with that this was the absolute worst intersection Gloucester had to offer. You stick a buoy dead in the middle, you add in some broken pavement, crosswalks that have all but disappeared, 15 minute parking spots in front of Ocean Garden, then mix up a whole bunch of angry drivers who don’t know how to not block an intersection, et voila! That clusterfuck we know and love.

Blue ribbon 2Huzzah, Maplewood/Railroad/Prospect. You’ve earned your place as the worst godforsaken meeting of roads in this entire fuckin’ city. Good for you. What would we do without your lack of stop signs, your ability to confound tourists, or the ability of the intersection, through abysmal design, to completely lock up traffic if one person fucks it all up?

Thanks to all who voted in our contest. I’m sure our winner will bask in the glory.

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  1. Awesome!! Well deserved!!

  2. Oh crap, but so glad Gloucester has only 2 traffic lights.

  3. Where I was flipped off by a city official who was also cutting me off.

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