Fiesta Drone Footage! Jack Russ Wins Friday’s Greasy Pole

Martin Del Vecchio captures amazing drone footage of Friday’s Greasy Pole win by Jack Russ. Surely it’s only a few short years until the drones themselves are participating, not simply hovering alongside. Viva San Pietro and Hail to our robot overlords!


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  1. Jack Russ? Isn’t he a small, short-haired terri…..?

  2. “Martin Del Vecchio gets an amazing shot of Friday‚Äôs Greasy Pole win by Jack Russ from his drone.”

    Dangling modifier alert: whose drone is it, again?

  3. This is awesome but wish it had audio to hears the cheers, airhorns etc. Congrats Jack!

  4. That was awesome!! I had fun just watching the drone shoot the video, hadn’t seen the footage itself…totally cool!!

    • There was a fun moment yesterday when one of the announcers said, “See the drone? Those things are a nuisance,” and then followed-up with “but did you see the footage of the flag-grab? Outstanding!” Is this some standard part of technology adoption? Horseless carriages sure are a nuisance, but so useful!

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