Gloucester Responds to The Clam

So, we’ve been up for just a few days and already more than 12 thousand hits. This is more than can be accounted for just by a simple batch of bad meth causing people to mash their keyboards uncontrollably and unintentionally landing on our URL, which was our original hypotheses. It seems folks really want the voice that is “The Clam” in the Gloucester mix.

No one has ever accused us of being a sensible people, I guess.

Looking at our frankly unbelievable site stats we see that global citizens have linked to The Clam from over 20 countries, including almost the entire English speaking world (Screw you, New Zealand!) and we’ve received tons of feedback:

I don’t think I get it

Clams live in muck and feed on filth

Howard Blackburn was NOT married to Ann Landers

I find the crude language to be distasteful

I wish that horse would stop yelling

Cpt. Blackburn giving us the finger

Cpt. Blackburn giving us the finger

There has been incredibly positive feedback as well. Our tires have yet to be slashed, for instance so we’re taking that as a good sign.

We’ve got a lot planned, suggestions are pouring in. We did a podcast with Joey over at Good Morning Gloucester at like seven this morning because Joey apparently never sleeps which was hilarious for us and sort of a Gloucester bucket list check-off. People are stopping us on the street and on the train and our Facebook page has been growing steadily.

click for half an hour of two dudes talking about  blogging if you have no life

click for half an hour of two dudes talking about blogging if you have no life

All in all, things in the nascent Clam media empire are taking off and this is all due to the folks who’ve read, forwarded, shared, pondered and laughed along with our introductory pieces. We can’t thank you all enough and hopefully we can continue to be a voice that people want in the mix.

Oh, also we have an Ann Landers Cpt. Blackburn erotica site in the works. Working title: “Codpiece”

Clammers, out  –KT, JD, soon to be others

Ask Howard Blackburn

Our “Ask” series is an advice column with a special panel of guest columnists. Today’s guest columnist is noted 1800’s Gloucester resident Howard Blackburn.

It takes me a long time to type with no hands.

Please excuse me, as it takes me a long time to type with no goddamn fingers.

Dear Howard:

I have a problem at my office with food theft. Three days last week, my lunch was missing out of the office refrigerator! A few of my officemates suspect “Bob”, as the remnants from our lunches are always on top of the trash after “Bob’s” scheduled break. Do we confront him? Go to HR? This is wearing on my nerves!

Hungry in East Gloucester

Dear Hungry:

Ah, I know that feeling all to well. The year was 1883, as you must know. I managed five days without food or water – a vast hell on earth, the frozen wasteland of the sea my only distraction from the corpse at my side. I considered gnawing my frozen hook-shaped hands for sustenance, but knew my blood would not stop gushing until it iced over. I hungered. I hungered for not only food, but for the embrace of my mother, for the feel of land beneath my feet, for the warming flames of a distant campfire. I have hungered in my life, but I go on. I always go on.

Dear Howard:

I am in seventh grade and I like a boy named “Peter”. He is smart and cute and funny! But I don’t think “Peter” likes me. I asked him to go to the spring dance with me, but he said no. How do I get “Peter” to like me? What if he never likes me?

Sad Girl in Rockport

Dear Sad Girl:

You must listen to me! Listen to me now, your life is at stake in these times of desperation. Row, missy! Row, nothing matters but rowing. Not your hands, not the death of your mate, nothing. You must row, finding the strength somewhere for that next movement of the oar, push, set and pull. The minutes, hours, days will be of interminable length. Everything inside you will be screaming for the sweet release of death, but you must continue on.

Dear Howard,

My husband is flirting with other women on Facebook, and it drives me nuts! Most of them are old high school chums or coworkers. He claims he’s just being friendly and since everyone can read it he’s doing nothing wrong or lying, but I hate it! How do I get him to knock it off?

Steamed in Magnolia

Dear Steamed:

Your situation, does, indeed, sound rough. Mind you, not rough as “sailing around the world with no fingers,” but tough nonetheless. I, too, know what it is like to watch something you have no control over. I watched my dorrymate die after the second day of our separation from the schooner Grace. I knew he had no fight left in him, but I could not stop rowing, and I watched the life slowly leave his body and I could do nothing. I carried his body to shore so he would have a proper burial, even though it meant I had to row with an extra 200 lbs, my hands long frozen into hooks. It was all I could do.

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