Snotbot’s Final Frontier.

Today and tomorrow mark the last hours of our Snotbot project. And we still really need your help.



You should support this, and back us, for a ton of reasons. We’re awesome, this was a Clam project (that, up there, is your Clameditor Jim annoying Sir Patrick Stewart), and all that. And don’t worry, your The Clam will be back in full swing after this week. But beyond this local blog, this changes the world for the better. We take drone technology that was developed by the military and turn it to saving our oceans, whales, and the planet. We take 3d printing technology and do the same. We can solve mysteries like why the f*ck do whales keep getting stranded in Alaska and focus on why are we allowing f*cking Arctic drilling when the acoustics are almost guaranteed to be hurting whales and other animals.

Perrin Ireland from NRDC made this wonderful thing that explains it better than I can.

Perrin Ireland from NRDC made this wonderful thing that explains it better than I can.

And this is all happening in Gloucester, your Gloucester.  Without funding, this stuff doesn’t happen, and whales don’t get cool drones flying above them to test how stressed they are, whether they’re infected, pregnant, who they are, and so much more that’s really crucial to learning about how the changing ocean is affecting these animals.

I can’t explain enough how much we really need this fish.


I mean money.


God,  I have to stop watching Wicked Tuna.


(To donate, please click here.)


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  1. Sir Patrick was on Howard Stern Live this AM, I missed the beginning, so maybe it was mentioned, but I kept holding my breath waiting for him to mention Snotbot to Howard, he would have loved it! And imagine getting even small amounts from Howard’s legions of loyal fans? Did anyone hear the whole interview?

  2. Congratulations!

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