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For the record I am a strict adherent to the corollary to Goodwin’s Law stating anyone who brings Nazis into an argument automatically loses. With that in mind, the following has to be said:

Current GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, the guy who your asshole buddy at work says, “What harm could he really do?” owes his current leading position in the GOP primaries to his repeated calls to round up 11 million undocumented workers in the United States and deport them. He’s said it literally dozens of times. 11 million civilians, many of them children, would be taken unwillingly by force and sent out of the country. He has 25% support among Republicans right now.

I’m not going to get into an argument about the bullshit term “illegals” and how they are breaking laws and all that. There are obviously reasonable arguments about how laws must be adhered to (otherwise what’s the point of having them in the first place?) and so on. There are salient positions regarding the shape and nature of the American workforce, against profiteering by companies who exploit cheap labor (like Trump’s) and an unsafe, untaxed underground economy. There is plenty of room for normal discussion and which workable strategies might be deployed to correct this problem.

But I want to ask Mr. Trump, where are you housing these 11 million people once you round them up in large groups? Are they going right on buses heading south with sack lunches and chaperons? How are you preventing them from walking back out into the street, it’s not like you can put them in our already overcrowded jails.

Camps, motherfuckers.

The only way to do this would be with camps. Camps with guards and barbed wire. It’s the only (final?) solution for moving 11 million people against their will. To logistically execute Donald Trump’s plan it would mean putting all the undocumented immigrants in situations where they would be…oh…what’s the word I’m looking for here? That word for when you get a lot of something in one place? Rhymes with “vaccination” (which Trump, btw, says is a cause of Autism)?  These would be what kinds of camps? Help me out here?

Let me spell it out: Donald Trump and his 25% support in the GOP are suggesting a course of action that would necessitate the construction and maintenance of Internment or “concentration” camps in the United States of America.

Sort of like this, right?

Sort of like this, right?

There is no other way around the statement above. Nothing else would work, what are you going to do, put up them in hotels and lock the doors from the outside? There are only 5 million hotel rooms total in the US anyway. So Donald Trump is running and winning on a proposal entirely dependent on rounding up civilians and placing them in guarded camps and lot of people, some of them people you know, support him in this.

Laugh away, late night talk show hosts. Call him Fuckwit Von Clownstick or whatever. I certainly have done my share. But I’m starting to get that same feeling I did when I pulled that piece of sheathing away from my porch and watched all the ants come scurrying out. All at once I saw how much rot there was underneath, in the dark places where I sort of had been avoiding looking up till that point.

You start to ask yourself: “Yeah, the structure is still standing. But how deep does the rot go?”


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  1. Thank you – I read this in its’ entirety and certainly agree – Donald Trump gives me the whim-whams – (which is not a good thing).

  2. See Cape Ann Connection for all the local “ants”.

  3. you have to ask yourself the other question how deep does the rot go in washington and beyond.

    Deporting 11 Million Undocumented Immigrants Would be Tantamount to a Crime Against Humanity!

    • This is an excellent point made in the link you shared: so we just dumped some number of desperate people in the millions just inside the Mexican border. That will totally work well, right? Holy Christ I can’t believe we’re even ‘debating’ this topic, this is what passes for discourse in the United States right now? Thanks again for link.

  5. When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross. The biggest most luxurious flag you’ve ever seen, and a really classy gold tone cross that costs more than you losers will make in a lifetime.

  6. I weep for the 25% of republicans who support him….He’s a racist and a white-collar ‘criminal’, and it hurts to acknowledge that many other Americans think like him..

  7. You nailed it.

  8. Yes, the scale might present some problems, but maybe what the country needs is a big challenge – like the Apollo program – to lift our spirits. That’s the problem with you liberal types – can’t do anything without a few hundred pages of mind numbing data and analysis that ends up convincing you that you can’t do anything.

    Let’s get the data thing out of our systems. A review of the modest pilot program we ran 70 years ago points out some logistical hurdles and problems of scale (apologies to Harper’s Index, and putting our faith in Google):
    Pre- WWII the active duty US military personnel 0.5 million
    End of WWII active duty US military personnel 12 million
    Current active duty US millitary personnel 1.5 million
    US Population in 1941 135 million
    US Population in 2015 320 million
    Estimated number of Americans interned during WWII because of ancestry (Japanese, German, Italian) 150,000

    But those hurdles are no harder to clear than an 10 foot fence, if you’re willing to go down to Home Depot and buy a 12 foot ladder. Remember, unlike the Nazis (who, by the way, were able to transport as many as 20 million people if you count labor camps and ghettos along with death camps), we’re not really going to be spending much time with these folks at the end of the line We’ll just be tossing them over a fence.

    In fact, with a little suspension of habeas corpus, they won’t need to be standing around for very long before they board the trains – which, by the way, will be built by American workers. Or do you have a problem with investing in infrastructure too?

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