We Haven’t Disappeared!

Actually, Friday we will have the culmination of months of work, and our trip to LA, to show you. We have written, re-written, and yelled at each other and then apologized for yelling at each other. We have debated pictures of Putin with a crossbow and how many times we can say “snot” and “drone” in one paragraph. What we have is awesome, and we’re helping to put¬†Gloucester further on the map for STEM innovations on a national, and hopefully international, level.

We hope we’ll make you proud.

Here’s a preview – but it gets much, much cooler.


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  1. that would make a nice ceiling fan in my home

    • Ms Manners Eschewes Misanthropes

      The ceiling fan is due a revolution. And world domination too. I’m so glad you are on it!

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