There are approximately one zillion flags on Stacey Boulevard. There was a flag so big there the other day it was touching the ground (bad form). Also we have a snappy new WW II Memorial, which is great.

But we at The Clam would love it if you’d also stop by the Gloucester Vietnam Veterans Memorial at the High School and pay your respects today. Like a lot of the vets from that war, this memorial is sort of tucked out of the way.

To be honest, The Clam supports digging that memorial right the fuck up and putting it next to the WW II one. Those guys deserve no less.

From us, to all our Vets and families a sincere thank you. And especially to those from a war some would rather forget.

Matthew P. Amaral III Killed 12/14/1967

Matthew P. Amaral III
Killed 12/14/1967

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  1. Re the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, I agree, it should be along side the World War 11 Veterans Memorial. For it to be at the high school, seems like it makes the veterans second-class citizens.

  2. The World War II monument has it’s own space and should remain the same. As a Vietnam veteran I believe the high school is an appropriate place for our young students and teachers to remember the sacrifice these men gave for our country.

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