The Gloucester Clam’s Block Party Ideas

[Today’s post is from Clamtributor Brooke Welty]

We all know that Gloucester loves a block party. But the Mayor is now soliciting opinions (via a Surveymonkey poll rather than through official civic channels, so don’t worry if you missed it) on a new approach. Rather than the city organizing the block parties, we would simply close down Main St. every Saturday evening in July and August, and leave it up to the businesses to plan anything.

According to the poll question:
” There would be no organized entertainment, but entrepreneurial merchants, restaurants and street performers would be encouraged to put provided their own entertainment.”

So we here at The Clam started thinking about planning some entertainment for one of these do-it-yourself block parties. What could be more fun? So below are some ideas for themes and events that we came up with.

  • Theme: Burning Man At The Wheel. Fire eaters, Fire Breathers, topless dreadlocked people of any and all gender options promoting art via controlled chaos. What could go wrong?
  • Have people dressed like zombies shamble down the street at random intervals
  • Hire a troupe of obscene mimes
  • Hire a White Guy Blues Band
  • Theme: Cirque du Soleil. Muscled, lithe acrobats to entertain the crowds with their feats of physical prowess, bending and twisting all over…I’m sorry, where was I?
  • Theme: Downton Abbey, Gloucester Style. Alcohol will be served in delicate tea cups by well mannered wait staff to people trying for their best moneyed British accent. Sexual repression and social strata will be strictly enforced.
  • Pony rides
  • Erect a Thunderdome to work out greivances between neighbors for the amusement of all
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  1. We already HAVE people dressed like zombies shuffling down Main Street.

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