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Not this one.

Not this one.

“A Grove Street man was reported dumping cat litter onto Grove Street from a second-floor apartment. When officers spoke to him at 11 a.m. Wednesday, the man agreed to stop dumping the litter in the street and instead throw it into a garbage bag.”

“A 21-year-old Gloucester man who was subdued by pepper spray after allegedly assaulting three police officers and a taxicab driver over the weekend while wearing only his underwear is facing multiple charges.”

“Gloucester police arrested a man in connection with a past assault during which the victim said he lost his front tooth, which was found on the ground afterward. The victim told police that the incident occurred on Rogers Street after a “difference of opinion.” “(The victim’s) mouth was bloody and had an apparent missing front tooth that he was able to find on the ground,” the police report states. “He also reported that a few other teeth were loose enough to move around with his tongue.”

“A disturbance reported at a Washington Street restaurant at 7:03 p.m. Thursday turned out to be a man talking loudly on his cell phone “trying to get someone to pay for his food,” according to police.”

“Police responded to a disturbance at a restaurant on Main Street at 12:45 p.m. Saturday. An officer on the scene reported that there was a “man face down in (a) pizza pie.”

somehow relevant.

somehow relevant.


Apparently, a patron of the Minglewood bar on Rogers Street was “making fun of” another man for wearing overalls, prompting the fight. Police responded to around 4:30 p.m. for an apparent fight. Upon arrival, Officer David D’Angelo spoke with a man who “had dried blood on his face,” according to D’Angelo’s report. This man said he had been punched in the face twice by the man wearing overalls after the two “exchanged words and profanities.” D’Angelo then caught up with the other man involved, who said the other was “making fun of him for wearing overalls.” The bartender on scene told police that the man not wearing overalls approached the overall wearer “aggressively, using threatening language.” He apparently got close to the overall wearer and that’s when he was allegedly punched.”

“Police responded to Goodwin Road for a resident reporting that a neighbor was throwing potatoes at his house. Upon arrival, the resident said “that it had been an ongoing problem as his house has been bombarded with potatoes in the past.” The resident added that it appeared to be three youths throwing the tuberous crop this time. Police went over to the neighbor’s house and the residents said “it would not happen again.”

A Gloucester man may have been seen stumbling down Pleasant Street on Thursday, but he was certainly able to run when police asked to speak with him, leading to his arrest on an active warrant.

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  1. The GPD has a way of making the town seem almost normal, by whitewashing. Yes I’ve just suggested that these very funny entries are intentionally tamed down.
    Not that all entries are worthy of the Clam, but we read the police notes every day, but although in 2014 we experienced no fewer than five visits to our local smack shack by the Narcan fairies, and one to extricate said Junkie Elf on a restraining order, none of that ever made the police notes.
    “What heroin epidemic?”

  2. This entire story was an excuse to use the pizza GIF. Admit it.

  3. Or an excuse to use the Sting photo. Whatever – meow.

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