Blizzard Live Blog: Morning arrives

We survived the night. But will the living soon come to envy the dead? Remember that scene from “Alive”, the true story of the Uruguayan rugby team whose plane crashed in the Andes in 1972 and the survivors lived for two months after the crash until they were rescued:

Why does the in-flight menu say "Lock Forward"?

Why does the in-flight menu say “Lock Forward”?

Antonio: [debating whether to eat the bodies] I think God would want us to survive. Strive to live.

Gustavo: At all costs?

Antonio: No. I mean, we shouldn’t murder innocents to live.

Gustavo: And what about our innocence? What’s gonna become of our innocence if we survive as cannibals?

These guys were absolved of any sin by Pope Paul. ┬áKeep it in mind, and specifically who qualifies as “innocents.” For instance, my neighbor throws his recycling ito the regular trash.

I’m just saying.

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