Because Gloucester, Volume 2

We’re back with a second helping of the best of our “Because Gloucester…” facebook page. Thanks to all the folks who have contributed their amazing Gloucester sightings with us. Here’s some of our beautiful city’s exploits:

Just one stair. The rest are fine.

Just one stair. The rest are fine.

– Man wobbling down the sidewalk on Sayward St. on his bicycle. Why was he wobbling? Riding one handed while holding a 12-pack of beer under his arm.

– Some young drunk guy, drives up your wooded driveway, gets out and takes a whiz.

– Two friendly older ladies, cruising down pleasant street in their hover-round scooters, yelling greetings from the street into the windows of neighborhood businesses as they buzz down the street. Because Gloucester.

– Mother to her adult son while shopping in Market Basket: “Don’t be like your fatha!”

– This snowman:



– Guy on a bike flying along at approximately 5 mph (down hill) wearing a heavy winter coat smoking the obligatory cigarette when what must have been one of his support vehicles pulled up along side him stopping traffic, when the guy in the car asked (mind you I was 4 feet away)
“Dude you got any more of those perks?”
“I don’t know man I kinda need those for my back.”
“Dude I got cash.”
At that point both men realizing I had been there the whole time looked at me as if I had totally interrupted what was a very private meeting. Then the guy in the car gave me a dirty look and they moved on.

– on this lovely Gtown morn my sons and i drove down Friend st we saw a man getting his workout out in at 10 am riding his bicycle with a can of mikes hard lemonade in 1 hand( with a piece of paper wrapped around it to hide the label), and a cigarette in the other. Must be prepping up for the TOUR DE O.U.I


– Overhead, one woman to another: “I shaved my legs today, I hadn’t shaved since August… I think I lost 5 pounds!!!”

– Someone took the Little Tikes toddler picnic table I left on our curb and left a half empty tall can of Mountain Dew exactly in its place.










– Lobster tail shell in the middle of Rogers Street. Because Gloucester.

– I am in Market Basket, someone just yelled, “See what happens when you’re sober!?” I am in aisle 19. They were around aisle 15.

– Guy on his phone sitting on the patio at Cape Ann Brewery, “Yeah, hi…I’m up in Rockport right now…” Ummmm, not so much, buddy.

– A ten year old walking to school dressed exactly like the Gortons fisherman.



– Your Sunday morning includes the neighbors hitting your house with their boat, and you don’t live on the water

– A few of your son’s 9 year old friends are over and none of them notice the refrigerator in the living room.

– Someone brought their bunny to the bar. “You guys are from Gloucester and you’ve never seen a bunny at a bar before?”

– You order pizza from your favorite mom&pop Italian shop in town (insert name here). It’s cold out so you use the heated passenger seat in your 10+ yo Volvo to make sure that gorgeous pie is piping hot when you get home.

When taking your dog on a quick walk threw the graveyard down the street and you notice this provocative tree

When taking your dog on a quick walk threw the graveyard down the street and you notice this provocative tree


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  1. Is it because you guys never get off island? 😀

  2. Yes! One of mine made it. I feel so clam-blessed!

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