No Snark Sunday: Help Saudi Arabia Grow our Vegetables

So, here is the deal. We have nice things. Way nicer than we should have, actually. For a town of 30K people with a pretty high poverty line we got all kinds of crazy-ass awesome stuff. Think about it, or go back and read this feature for the past six months.

We got art. We got drama and music. We got technology programs for kids. And we have The Backyard Growers, a Gloucester-created organization that helps people and schools grow their own food. Look, you know this is awesome, you’ve heard about it, but I just want to remind you they REGULARLY hear from kids that didn’t know carrots came from the ground. That’s worth your support right there.

Someone buried these things in here I guess...

Someone buried these things in here I guess…

But you’re tapped. You have donation fatigue. I get it. 

So fuck it, let’s let the Saudis pay for it.

We could skip the Russia thing and just fund them directly, Highness. No? Ok, as you will.

We could skip the Russia thing and just fund them directly through this link, Highness. No? Ok, as you will.

You know how gas has fallen in price over the past six months because the House of Fauhd, the rulers of Saudi Arabia, are trying to bitch slap the Russians over natural gas shipments to China? Yeah, well they are. And because of it we’re saving like 20 bucks every time we fill up our tanks.

So, here’s how this works. You fill up your car. You look and see that it’s about half what you usually pay. Say to yourself, “I am going to donate the difference to Backyard Growers.” You can do this on as many tanks as you want- two or three or just one. But the deal is this:

Now the Saudi Arabians are funding Americans growing of their own healthy food and teaching their kids about small-scale agriculture. Does this piss them off? Of course it does because agriculture is about 30% of US fuel spend. You are therefore using their own money to make us healthier, smarter and best of all less fuel-intensive. You’re kicking them right in the Prince Abdullahs.

So here’s the link- video by the amazing Stephanie Cornell, another Cape Ann talent allowing us to punch way over our weight creativewise.

Once we get BYG out of a house and into a real space they can actually use their energy and time to bring the awesome to more and more families and kids. It’s like a second-round startup right now, they’re out of the garage and kicking ass.

So send them some of that light, sweet Saudi cash! (petroleum industry joke)



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  1. This is genius….if only everybody in Gloucester could read.

  2. Love this program! Lara IS the best : ) And that video clip is awesome.

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