Tournament of Crappy Intersections Round 2 – Day 2

Now that we’re all hungover from our Columbus Day weekend (yay for subjugation of a native population!), let’s get back to our important work: voting for the crappiest intersection in Gloucester.


Flanagan Square vs Main/Eastern

Flanagan Square beat the metric piss out of Washington/Railroad in the first round. It’s no surprise why – everyone loves a three-way stop where only one lane inexplicably doesn’t have to stop, so folks new to the intersection get creamed when they make the innocent mistake of thinking that like most responsible intersections, EVERYONE HAS TO STOP. And then there’s the folks coming from Prospect who block the box. THOSE PEOPLE ARE TERRIBLE AND SHOULD HAVE THEIR DICKS KICKED OFF. It gums up the whole awful intersection, and then two of the busiest streets in town are all fucked up. Trying to turn left is the absolute worst, though, because NO ONE LETS YOU GO. I sometimes take the 128 extension to get to East Gloucester even though it’s like 4 miles longer, just to avoid this stupid turn. Awful. If the entire square plunged into the ocean tomorrow, I’d probably cheer.

Meanwhile, Eastern/Main has its own terribleness making it a serious contender in this contest. Why on earth do tourists coming from Main think they need to stop or yield to folks coming/going from Eastern? They get a fistful of beep from me every time, but they never learn. A secondary burst of awfulness from this intersection is that about 1500 feet before the turn, if you DARE take up the middle of the lane when it’s still one lane, people assume you’re turning left and will attempt to pass you on the right, usually taking up the bike lane to do so. Then, when you try to correct your one-foot-to-the-left mistake, they look at you like you’re an idiot. Dude, wait till I actually commit – it will be like seven feet from now, seriously.

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