Ask A Babson Boulder

Our “Ask” series is an advice column with a special panel of guest columnists. Today’s guest columnists are the Babson Boulders of Dogtown.

Dear Babson Boulders:

I think my husband is cheating on me. He suddenly stays late at work, but when I call his work line, I always get voicemail. Last week, a woman called our house for him and when I asked to take a message, she hung up! I don’t want to believe it – we have four children together and I gave up my career to stay at home with them! Should I confront him, am I being crazy? Help?

– Suspicious in Rockport

Dear Suspicious:




Dear Babson Boulders:

I have a bit of a dilemma. I got into the grad school of my dreams! I was all set to go in a few weeks, and then I found out my girlfriend is pregnant. She wants me to stay here with her and move in together, and her parents agree. But this was my chance! I love her and I did want to marry her someday and have kids, but after I was done with my degree! Should I be selfish and leave for grad school, or leave all my dreams behind and get a low-paying job to raise my soon-to-be kid?

– Choosing on Cape Ann

Dear Choosing:




Dear Babson Boulders:

I’m a teenager entering Sophomore year, and I always have a lot of homework to do. My mom is raising me and my two younger brothers on her own. My dad is on the West Coast touring in a Steely Dan cover band and only sends child support half the time. My mom works a lot of overtime and wants me to make dinner sometimes and clean up. But I have so much homework and then I also want to spend time with my friends. She has threatened to ground me if I don’t help by doing my own laundry or a load of dishes. I want to move in with my dad, who doesn’t ever make me do anything during my time visiting him. What should I do?

– Put-upon in West Gloucester

Dear Put Upon:



That concludes this edition of our “ask…” series. Stay tuned next time for more advice from well-known Gloucester figures!

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