The Clam’s Tournament of Shitty Parking Lots is Over. And the Winner is…


The Winner of the 2014 Tournament of Shitty Parking Lots is… 7/11 Bass Ave!

The battle for shittiest parking lot’s final round between 7/11 and Destino’s ended up neck and neck. By the time voting ended arbitrarily five minutes ago, there were only 3 votes separating the two.

But 7/11 Bass Ave was victorious. Its particular type of bedlam is a horror show for people parking, driving by, or walking or cycling.

It deserves its certificate of shittiness. It should revel in its new distinction. A beam of light should descend upon those backing their R/Vs out into traffic without bothering to check if traffic is clear. A cacophony of horns shall forever be heard echoing through the trees.


Take this, 7/11, and display it proudly. You have conquered all other lots in town. You are the one Shittiest Lot. We salute you.

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  1. Like they say, every vote counts! Crazy to think that my wife and I were the “deciding vote” in the matter – had we voted the other way, the aware would have gone to Destinos! You’re welcome, Gloucester 🙂

  2. For just the amount of carnage possible the 7/11 had to win. I have never pulled in. I think of myself as a good driver up to a challenge but I think you would find me weeping and waiting until 3AM when the oncoming traffic of texting fishermen thinned out.

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