A Veritable Clam Jam

Welcome back to reality, folks. Holiday weekend’s over. Back to being a mere cog in the machine for The Man.

But the party keeps going here at the Clam (we are looking into commissioning some kind of clam-shaped disco ball to ensure constant partying). We have some awesome stuff to announce.

First off, we have bumper stickers! These 5×5, vinyl works of art are perfect for your car, laptop, bike, small child’s forehead, or re-filed IRS tax return. They are $2 (TWO DOLLARS) and the money we raise goes to fund the Clam’s hosting because let’s face it, Jim and I aren’t exactly going out back into our sheds full of money and huffing deeply to breathe in the enchanting cash musk.

Worth every penny.

Worth every penny.

You can buy them online here, or you can stop by Big Mike’s Bikes at 57 Washington, where we have them on the counter. Along with stickers, we also have T-shirts ready! We have a selection of new and pre-worn upcycled shirts that are hand-screened by KT. Some she was a few beers deep while doing and those are cheaper than others. But most are pretty rad. We even have kids’ shirts! We’ll have more and more as time goes on. Again, stop by Big Mike’s Bikes, or click here.

They come pre-sidewaysed!

They come pre-sidewaysed!


In MOST EXCITING NEWS EVER, we will be teaming up with the Eastern Point Lit House for Clam Night! 

Join the Eastern Point Lit House in wasting an otherwise productive Saturday with an evening of snarky discussion on August 2 from 8-10 p.m. Meet the Gloucester Clam’s editors and contributors and hear about how the Clam got its start (spoiler alert: a dare), the challenges and opportunities in satire and humor blogging, and share your ideas for future stories. We will be selling Gloucester Clam stickers, as well as handmade tote bags and T-shirts.

For a suggested donation of $10, pizza, beer, and slapstick comedy will be provided. 21+!

RSVP here! 


As always, thanks for the support, loyal Clam fans!


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  1. I’m disappointed. A misleading headline and no mention of Clam Jam. Will you be selling Clam Jam on August 2? Beach Plum Jelly and Clam Jam. I smell a hit.

  2. Why is there a goat on your T-shirt instead of a clam?

  3. Sweet! Ill be on the lookout for these t-shirts at thrift shops within 2 weeks time. Score!

  4. Totally missed that too! No Clam! No Jam! All you got is a goat? Think big! Think outside the envelope! A T-Shirt of Clam Jam. Oh, wait, I just threw up in my mouth.

  5. Picked up my Clam sticker at Mike’s Bikes today…My life is complete.

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