KT does No-Snark Sunday, God Help Us All

Greetings. Since usual Sunday contributor Jim Dowd is incredibly busy with his daughter’s Bat Mitzvah this weekend (GO REBECCA YOU ARE AWESOME) I’ll be doing the Snark Free Sunday post. Forgive me, for I am not sure how to write without dripping sarcasm. It’s awkward and weird and I don’t like it one bit.


Our first item of the day is giving a thumbs-up to Ward 2 Councillor Melissa Cox for letting us know about the One Hour at a Time Gang clean-up that goes on most Saturday mornings. Melissa says, “We pick a place in the city to clean from 8 a.m. To 9 a.m. almost every Saturday. Sometimes suggestions of a dirty place is sent to us or if there’s an event downtown or in the neighborhood we clean it up prior to the event.” Sweet deal!

lookit all this trash!

lookit all this trash!

The above was from the bowling alley on Gloucester Ave up to Maplewood. 8+ bags of litter! This is why we can’t have nice things, Gloucester, because we throw trash on the ground like jerks. Crap, I just broke the rules of no-snark Sunday.

You can email Melissa for more details at mcoxward2@gmail.com.


Maritime Gloucester is an amazing resource for this city. City 3rd graders recently took a trip on the Ardelle and learned about sounding tools.


3rd Grade at Maritime Gloucester-202 (1)

“Trowing the lead was ONE of the tools. Seeing what came up from the bottom is critical, mostly because if you see Sand and Broken Shell means you’re probably close to shore even if you have good depth. Rich mud would mean there was a river mouth nearby. Clay beds, pebble, all of it would be useful because the Brits logged it all inn hydrological studies- this is what the HMS Beagle did and was the point of her voyage.

And you entered bottom conditions into the log when you took a sextant reading, which would then get added to the charts when you returned so the next person who was in that general area and saw the same conditions would have a better sense of what was going on” – Marty DelVecchio.


Dude, our THIRD GRADERS are learning this stuff. Maritime Gloucester also has programs for younger kids – Pathways for Children, for example, has received grants to bring each classroom once a month. It’s an incredible learning experience. Gloucester freakin’ rules.

Okay that’s pretty much all I can muster up that isn’t sardonic for today without a stiff mimosa for brunch. Have a great rest of the weekend, Clamonauts!

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  1. Martin Del Vecchio

    Maritime Gloucester is great, and Captain Harold Burnham is the best!

  2. Well done KT. Good to know the Clam organization has depth in all positions.

  3. Melanie Murray-Brown

    thanks for the Maritime Gloucester love, KT! And for all you clam followers…we will continue to offer awesomeness all summer long with programs and new exhibits….visit our website for more…www.maritimegloucester.org

    • you work there? no way!

      • Melanie Murray-Brown

        Way! I’ve been involved here for just about 10 years on the board…now I’m on staff working on programs and other fun-filled adventures! If you are around this afternoon…we are hosting Stellwagen Bank Sanctuary staff for a kids event from 3-5 (shipwreck detectives, origami, puzzles, etc.) Then…you can be on hand to welcome the Adventure to her new home at Maritime Gloucester…she’s coming over from the Rocky Neck at 5:00…pass it on….

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