Wicked Tuna Recap – “Blue Grit”

Also check out KT’s recap of Wicked Tuna episode “Bad Latitude” to hear her describe the reeling. So much reeling. 

Here we are, finally, with another episode of Wicked Tuna. If you haven’t read the previous week’s episode recap, this is the deal: I live in Gloucester but know NOTHING about fishing. Nada. Zip. I work inside and the sun burns my retinas if I stay outside too long. I know practically zero fishermen. I’ve also never watched Wicked Tuna before we started this blog, so this is going to be a fun ride. So after the last episode I recapped, I have learned “people catch gigantic tuna in relatively small boats by hand and they’re worth a lot of money”, but that’s the limit of my tuna fishing knowledge. There’s a bunch of boats and a leaderboard that keeps track of who makes the most money. This episode starts out on the Miss Sambvca where one guy is mad and wants to quit because they’re losing money and the other guy drives like Stevie Wonder. Oh wait, they’re brothers. Okay. The bad driver brother has the most Boston accent I’ve ever heard. It’s epic, and should be recorded for all of history so we never forget.

Terrible driver, amazing freakin' accent.

Terrible driver, amazing freakin’ accent.

Now we’re on the Tuna.com, with the guy I’ve seen at Seaside Graphics now and again making fun of last year’s winners, The Pinwheel, a.k.a Stonerboat.  Stonerboat is my favorite so far. Literally everyone on this boat has three-day beard growth, shaggy hair, and glassy eyes. They look like they fell off a boat cruise featuring a Bob Marley cover band and are now fishing for sustenance. Another drama slow-mo shot of a majestic seagull. No. We’ve gone over this, seagulls are basically pigeons but bigger and hang out near the ocean. Clearly no one watching this has ever had their garbage torn apart and strewn across their driveway by hungry shitbag seagulls or they would punch their TVs in unison. Sorry, Joey C.



Now we’re on the Hard Merchandise (pronounced “Haaaahd Mehhchandise”). All I know about this boat is that it sank a couple years ago down the Marine Railways and the captain is in serious back pain and looks like he really likes the Doobie Brothers. “To be successful, you can’t let things slow you down.” More fountains of brilliant philosophy on this show. Back on Stonerboat, there’s some middle school drama catfight going on between them and the Tuna.Com, and there’s some Split Screen Action with Dramatic Music for a few agonizing minutes. Both get fishies on their linesies and shout things like “We need this!” Well yeah, because that’s how you make money, Captain Obvious. Stonerboat’s line breaks, and they all hit the Dissapointment Bong. F/V Tuna catches one and at one point someone jabs it with the handle of a hockey stick. Seriously. I half-expected to hear a whistle and a ref calling someone for a spearing penalty.



I’m not sure I love Stonerboat anymore because right now this total bro is talking about “boosting” this and “boost” that and holy shit if I hear the term “boost” one more time I will lose my sympathy for those struggling in the fishing industry. I literally think that “boost” is some kind of drug slang with the kids these days that I don’t understand. The captain, who is most likely a sophomore in high school, is irritated as fuck at Boost Mobile and his lack of fish-catching and “feels like the joke of the tuna fleet.”



To cement their joke status, they get their anchor hung up on a rock somewhere, which I guess is probably not a thing you’re supposed to do if you’re at all competent at this. As they’re trying to get it out *DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING* that one bag of hair is still like “boost! boost” and the rest of the crew is contemplating just kicking him into the sea and waiting a few hours to call the coast guard to report a man overboard. Tuna.com gets another tuna with the same hockey stick. CCM makes a quality hockey stick, apparently. They go back to Gloucester Harbor with two fish and make freakin’ $27,000 for one day of work and a $35 hockey stick. I AM IN THE WRONG BUSINESS. In the last segment of the episode, back at the Sambvca (worst liquor ever, btw), they finally get a fish hooked and land it, so Captain Accent and his brother are super happy. Episode’s over folks, move along. I feel like I am learning about fishing. J/K I am not.

Disclaimer: Despite poking gentle fun at the captains and crew of this show, we actually admire them very much – not only for their hard work, but for helping Gloucester get on the map for something interesting.

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  1. Craig Kimberley

    Bravo KT! I honestly feel I no longer need to watch these shows. I’d much rather have you re-cap, betta drama, and betta action. And if I have to hear Marciano tell us one more time “I gawt mouths ta feed, kids going to cawledge, we really need dis fish bad!” dear god, we get it….The producer said to re-peat over and over the tough “plight” you have. Struggle on buddy.

  2. Not for lack of trying (it’s a cable thing) I haven’t seen the show but now I do not need to. I feel the sun, the sweat, the tears, and endless reeling in these recaps more than if I was able to get the HD to work on the National Geographic Channel (which I can’t even get TV38 style reception with VHF antenna with aluminum foil so it’s not happening.)

    Do they bring mayo and bread out there with them? Because all I would be thinking about is a nice tuna sandwich on toasted Pepperidge Farm White. Or sushi. A little pickled ginger and wasabi! That’s what I would yell when I hooked one. WASABI!!! I could see SPORT HORSE out there doing that.

  3. This is exactly the kind of snark I need in a recap. Thank you. Are you in need of more snark? Because I can deliver, my friend.

  4. I’m with Craig and Paul. No need to watch this show, evah, thanks to KT recap!

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